Writing 101

Googling “how to write a book” produces about 800 million results. Having waded into that mess myself nearly five years ago, I would like to create a launching point for beginning writers, and a hub of information and resources even more experienced writers can benefit from.

To that end, this series will be a crash course in the basics of writing. Each post will offer an overview of the information I’ve learned, as well as links to websites that cover specific topics in greater detail. As I discover new resources, I will continue to add them. My hope is to help you skip a few steps and get started on your own book that much sooner.

On Plotting and Pantsing

    There are two kinds of people in this world… How often have you heard that? As people, we like to categorize, and writers are no different. One of the fancy new “writing terms”

Story Structure

If you read my last post and identified yourself as a pantser, you may think the topic of story structure doesn’t apply to you. But it does. It is what keeps a plot rolling and

How Questions Could Be the Key to Finding Your Story

If you’re anything like me, you probably have tons of story ideas scribbled on scraps of paper. They came to you while watching TV, walking down the street, or going about your business, and you

Creating Characters- Part 1

Characters are the backbone of any story. The simple fact is, no matter how exciting the plot, if your characters aren’t compelling, the reader won’t care. Why should they invest in your hero’s love life

Creating Characters- Part 2

In the first part of this series, we discussed how to choose the best characters for your story, and the larger swathes of character creation: strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Today we’ll discuss how to dig